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I should probably note that since this is the Old/Indie Web, these pages will get updates and edits from time to time. They aren't posts, and I'm not gonna make a new post if I wanna touch on something related. Please see the Updates section for any major updates. Although I should really set up an RSS feed and a change log.

Published Projects

I said I like to mess around on the internet, and here are some ways I've put that into practice. I like experiments with CSS and Python, so I've published a few things using those languages. Most of the Python I do can just be posted to this site (like on the page where I try to figure out whether I'm autistic or not), but I do have a GitHub I'll link to below.




Updates are sorted from most recent to oldest. Similar to my Journal, they will contain my idle thoughts, because I cannot help but offer "a dash of exposition" when I speak. That is a quote from a friend of mine. Unlike my journal, however, these tangents will revolve around this website and webdev in general. Except, these get added to my journal after a few months eventually, so...

Removed a broken link, as best as I can on mobile anyway. Wow, I can edit my site on mobile and it's not that bad. Still pretty bad, though. I think, since I've already shown this site to IRLs twice, and might a 3rd time, that I might as well finally separate this site from any online identity that I want to keep for my onlines only. So I've changed my username some places.

Even if the two people I showed this site to remember the URLs (I hope not), it's not gonna hurt me or anything. Have to remember that the biggest threat I'm concerned about is getting outed as queer, and if I only show this to people who know that (and subsequently make them swear not to show it to anyone else), then it will be okay. The second biggest is, of course, data brokers, who should all get literally any other job.

I'm now also on Tilde Town!!! I'm trying to get better at using the command line now that I've switched my operating system from Windows 10 to Linux Mint. I made my desktop look like ye olden days of the early 2010s! Just look at Mint-X theme for Xfce, and you'll see what I mean.

I've been doing my updates from the Neocities web editor lately, because I just haven't settled in still. When I learn the Neocities CLI, I'll probably make more frequent updates.

There's a bug in iOS that won't change the background blend modes with the user theme. Because I have been unable to find a fix for that that I like in about a week, I have decided to take the background images down instead. I'm not too upset about the cloud background going away, since it wasn't obvious that it was a cloud, but I'll miss the opal background.

Gonna go add The Map is the Territory to the resources page now.

Upcoming (Hopefully)

This is more of a wishlist than anything.