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This site is under construction. No actual content will be posted yet, but I'm planning to have a sort of compilation of my thoughts.

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My reason for retiring everything, even the trans-centrism pages, is because I didn't put enough effort into them by my standards. I didn't really know how to revise drafts or anything, and mostly just wrote some of my thoughts down. Not even all my thoughts, mind you, because I was worried about writing too much. Ha. Now I realize that I've mashed too many topics in one measly little article. Hell, just the paragraph on legal names could be its own article (and I intend on writing it).

Here's my plan for Trans-Centrism. I'll split it into an essay on legal names, on "polite" misgendering, on trans-unawareness (which is a term I really should have used in the original, instead of cissexism), on cisphobia, and on allyship. I'll work on these in more or less this order, but it's gonna take a while.

Also, for someone named Wizerd running a site named E-Wizard, I really don't have much on wizardry, huh. I made a few "online amulets" (shitty PNGs) to post here but never got around to it, and honestly I feel I could do better anyway.

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