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E-Wizard: Credits

Current Neocities Style (Medieval)

This style was heavily inspired by Medieval illuminated manuscripts, particularly Caroline (as in, from the time of Charlemagne). I took a course on Medieval Western European History because there were free seats available and I needed to register in courses. I was hugely inspired by it!!! My favourite lectures were on heresy, handwriting, and magic. The handwriting really kicked off this design for me. I really liked the look of Caroline script, the script that Charlemagne imposed on his empire so as to unify handwriting techniques. Before this, every monastery basically did what they wanted in-house. Fun fact! Charlemagne never learned how to read. Instead, he got a lot of scholars to unify the writing. I'm not gonna cite any sources because this was from a lecture, and I'm going off memory here.

Anyway! This stylesheet makes heavy use of typefaces for its style. If you're not seeing the right fonts, please download them! My friend Kan (not on Neocities) says that without these fonts, the site has negative 50 visual flair.

Previous Neocities Style (Untitled)

This style was characterized by experiments with border images, and the rest of it bloomed out from there. Every item in the sidebars had a cool golden frame drawn around it, and there used to be opalescent backgrounds but that element was scrapped because webkit on iOS can't support the kind of background-image-blend I've been doing, but doesn't report that to the @supports query, for some reason. This style was unique in that it had multiple colour schemes, set by default for each browser, and toggle-able using the Settings menu under the Table of Contents. I also had two Gothic columns flanking the "main" element.